Friday, April 13, 2012

Three Key Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Good Sport. With the influence of the upcoming Olympics this summer, sporty pieces and activewear such as wedge sneakers, mesh tank tops, nylon anoraks, parkas, rugby tees, relaxed knits, neoprene garments, and color blocked dresses will be key items moving into 2013.  Isabel Marant is a perfect example of the sportswear trend; her mesh tops and denim produce many retail trends.  Neon, surf influences, metallics, and bright color blocking are significant to this trend, which emphasizes both comfort and utility. Prints and patterns include: stripes, numbers, and pixelated prints. Key items are: leggings, sheer parkas, scuba tops, nylon bombers, and pullovers.

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Tropical Safari. This trend contemporizes the traditional, and references African, Hopi, and Ukrainian prints. Look for leaves, animal skins, ikat, tie dye, and feathers, and bold bird prints as print and pattern inspiration. Key pieces for women include: camp shirts, anoraks, handkerchief dresses, patterned pants, tunics, and slit maxi skirts. Important colors are: red, gold, olive, khaki, and aqua. Look for materials such as leather, linen, beading, and chambray.

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Roaring Twenties. We're seeing a return of the 1920s, most notably with Ralph Lauren's spring 2012 runway show and The Great Gatsby movie.  Details to look for are: fringe, drop-waist flapper dresses, sequins, chiffon, feathers, beading, silk, and shell tops.  Important colors are: lilac, soft pink, calcite green, and gold. Palazzo pants and flared skirts are also key silhouettes, while romantic florals, pastels, and shimmer add quiet glamour.

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I'm looking forward to incorporating elements of each trend into my wardrobe this spring, especially the tropical trend. As an avid shopper, I think it will be exciting to see how each trend translates to retail as we move into the upcoming seasons.